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Bug report #30, Conan Exiles [Status: Solved]
Occurred time:
04.06.2019 20:24
Turanian Animal Craft bug?
Earlier, I crafted a turanian caravan Rhino from a Greater Rhino, After which the Rhino was down-specced to a standard Rhino
Filed by wadegery, 04.06.2019 21:24
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Hello Wadegrey,

This is how its meant to be. There are no "Greater" caravan version of a Greater Rhino. Caravan Rhinos have extra slot spaces, meanwhile Greater Rhinos have better battle stats. You are basically choosing between extra storage slot vs more health.
Having both would be an advantage gameplay-wise, which would make the DLC pay-to-win.
This has been causing great confusion amongst many players on our server and other servers alike. This has caused the loss of greater pets as reported in this thread.
Funcom basically forgot to put a warning saying "Greater Rhino will be downgraded to Normal Rhino as its trading off increased stats for extra storage slot".

Hope I did a clear job explaining this.

Head Admin
Empire Gaming Server
Posted by Tatsuya-EmpireGaming, 05.06.2019 12:34
(edited 05.06.2019 12:37)
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