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Whether you are a server owner looking for new players, or a player looking for new servers, we got you covered! Our servers are continuously searching the internet for game servers in order to bring you the latest server and game statistics, news and more. To keep things simple, we use a carefully handcrafted ranking algorithm to ensure that all the small details are taken into consideration, which means less searching and more gaming!

Server owners
- Create your own server profile
- Increase traffic by attracting more players to your server
- Get involved with the community
- Find trusted servers worldwide that are endorsed by the community
- Share your experience with other players
- Instant access to live statistics and server reviews
Our mission

Our mission is to provide an easy to use platform that bridges both players and servers worldwide, free for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to support the project, you can buy addons from our store which aims to improve the traffic to your server even more.

The numbers

We are currently tracking 12 games, monitoring 168,566 players and providing 373,540 distinct servers live statistics around the clock.

Your vote matters

Whether you are an experienced gamer or someone completely new to gaming, your vote matters a lot. When you find a server that you think deserves some popularity or deserves to be seen, please use your vote and help us make it happen. Vote for your favourite games to help them gain popularity, and to let everyone know what games they should try out.

A brief history

For a long time we were looking for a solid service that would connect us with popular games and game servers to invest our time in. It started out as a very simple idea that soon grew out of hand, and got more time consuming than what we previously had in mind. However, we decided to stay on track and not cut any corners, but rather build a solid foundation and a platform that we now proudly can offer to everyone looking for such a service.

We are happy that you have found our website, and we hope that it will serve you just as well as it has served us and everyone else in the past.

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