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Our game services have now gone live and you may start searching for game servers worldwide to find your perfect fit, or manage your own game server by creating an attractive profile and promote it to players around the world. Upload your personal banner, both for your profile and for the feature advertisement option, personalize your profile with description, rules, discord-link, pictures, videos and even a predefined donation option for your server. See our FAQ for more information.
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Published 30.05.2019
We are now live!

After a lot of effort, we can finally announce that Top Ranked Servers is now live.
We would like to dedicate a special thanks to:
Steam / Valve, for great support and for making this project possible.
The developers at Funcom (you know who you are), for answering our questions and our concerns.
Dell, for providing reliable servers that is able to handle the massive load.
And last but not least, to YOU, for using this website.
Thank you all.

Published 30.05.2019
Top Ranked Servers
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