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Dice 1
This was the server I started out on, loved it. Then the admins have became toxic, lazy, and the player base started to go toxic as well. Rule breaks after rule breaks, nothing being done about it. Was banned for making a suggestion, no reason, no explanation. Now their discord requires a phone number in order to do anything on there. They don't need that information. It's trash. Utter trash.
Posted by Fart_Sparkles
Dice 6
Best Isle server I've experienced, yes, better than Nycta and Nublar. Like, WAY better.
I started playing over a month ago and so far ALL the staff have been helpful and so kind and their community is so wholesome and helpful. Out of my 4 years of playing the isle, the best memories have been made on this server. <3

Posted by Graccamole
Dice 6
Great server. Players are welcoming to newbies and the admins listen to player feedback. You can tell the community wants new visitors to become returning regulars.
Posted by Khangkong
Dice 6
This may be a bit biased since I'm the head administrator, but I love Noobz and the community and I work hard every day to keep it clean and friendly for everyone. I love seeing new players group up and have fun learning a new game together. It means so much to me to be apart of that.
Posted by Klaxon
Dice 6
I'd purchased the game shortly after it came out over 4 years ago. I would check on the game every once in a while, and within the last year the strides that have been made had me wanting to get really into it. Tried various servers at different times, but it was mostly discouraging. Happened upon the Noobz server, and the experience changed everything for me. Got to learn the game, meet great people, and start to actually enjoy the game. The experience was so positive, I shifted the focus of my YouTube channel to feature The Isle and help new players that were like myself. If you want to be a dinosaur and get into this game, Noobz should be the first place to look.
Posted by OldManTenno
Dice 4
The server is well built. ive been on many servers and this is amongst my top 4 I play. while the rule are straight forward, I personally feel like the admins are not strict enough when it comes to rulebreakers. not handling rulebreakers accordingly can discourage good players from staying in the Noobz family. but overall I enjoy the experience I have on the server and I would recommend it to other players ~ Ziaker#2279
Posted by Ziaker
Dice 6
The people are great and the Admin are spot on
Posted by DeadPoolinc
Dice 6
This server is very good for people new to the game. It was the first community server I joined and everyone can teach you tips and tricks on how to do better at the game. It also has very easy to follow rules on discord and is just and all around fun server for anyone to play on. I enjoy that the AI spawn rates that are higher, so people can get used to the game without starving to death. I have made friends on it, and played as a part of many herds and groups of dinos!!! Everyone is welcoming and it's really easy to make friends, so come on and join this server!! You won't regret it!!! :)
Posted by Mizuzuki
Dice 6
Most welcoming and friendliest community i've ever played, admins also are great and will help all those in need. Nothing is perfect but this server is trying its best and still growing to become best.

Best regards swilgrim#2059
Posted by Swilgrim
Dice 6
This server has been wonderful, it's a great starter server for anyone wanting to learn how to play The Isle. The admins are awesome and will do their best to resolve any issues a player may have. They play like normal players and just enjoy what they do and the players I've met have been amazing and have made The Isle more fun. I would recommend this server in a heart beat and hope anyone who joins us has an amazing time!

- Sweetblood2kool
Posted by Sweetblood
Dice 6
My first time playing the server i was helped alot by the people in the community because i had just bought the game and was asking alot of questions and everyone was very helpful. And all the admins are very polite and very helpful and do lots of events. Very good server

Posted by Glooks_zoink
Dice 6
I recently decided to play the game after going back and forth because I'm not really much for online games. But, the server has been great so far and very friendly. It's the first server I've been a part of and I'm very happy there. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful.

Posted by BirdieGirl
Dice 6
Great server. Perfect people to play with as a beginner. Staff are great people and this is just an overall amazing server.
Server username:Turmiel
Posted by Turmiel
Dice 6
Noobz is my first server and I have no reason to look for another! This server is great to play on as a newbie because of the welcoming community. The admins are active, helpful, and understanding. I am especially impressed by the server's discord. I have a lot of anxiety about joining voice chat in video games, but I have only had wonderful experiences talking to other players! Highly recommend!

Posted by Nikonikoneko
Dice 6
As a new player, the other players are extremely welcoming, insightful, and provide a ton of tips for the game. A couple of days in and I haven't had a bad experience. Getting my toes wet with PvP on this server has been a blast.

Posted by Waylon
Dice 6
I bought The Isle 2 years ago, way before their last update, but wasn't able to play it due to minimum specs, I got a Gaming PC on December, but still didn't play because none of my real life friends played this game. I tried playing on Isla Nycta server, but didn't find this game very beginner friendly even though I still loved the game and watched videos on it constantly. Only 3 days ago, did I hear about this server, that it was beginner friendly which was exactly what I had been looking for. This server had a very welcoming community, and I already made a few friends in just one-two days of playing. I used to not like the idea of being hunted, but now I see the fun of being stalked/tracked, hunting/being hunted and attacking/defending yourself. This server finally let me play The Isle in a beginner friendly manner, and allowed me to enjoy playing The Isle for the first time, rather than just enjoy watching it's content. I definitely recommend this server. - Demonic_Core#8952
Posted by Demonic_Core
Dice 5
Noobz is a fantastic server. I''m very happy with the limited and easy to follow rule set, welcoming staff, and wonderful user base. Every day i get to chat with new and familiar faces on discord, join some wicked packs, and have some real good fun!

- Diesel
Posted by Hawkteeth
Dice 6
Having started The Isle a week ago I joined this server and have had a perfect time. Almost everybody on the server is friendly, and the way rules are maintained are amazing. There are events that, even if you don't participate in them you're given the ability to watch and are they are organized very well. I really can't say too much else but I do not regret joining this server at all.

Thanks Noobz!
Posted by AlexOrAnnabelle
Dice 5
Super welcoming server, nice admins, unique rules and a good way to learn the game, helpful community.

Posted by Angelisa
Dice 5
Amazing server for noobz. friendly people and AI for beginners. highly recommended.

Discord- VanaHeim#6152
Posted by VanaHeim
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