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Realm of Freedom (18+) Fresh New 350lvl-AOC

United States
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United States
United States


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Dice 6
Great server! lots of fun things to do, admins/moderators are great and fun, and very active...I am enjoying this server alot...Thanks...
Posted by Highlordb
Dice 6
I have finally found my home.. Owner and team welcome all with open arms <3 It is such a beautiful place. I wont spoil any so come join us!
Posted by Kaylee
Dice 6
The crew for this server is absolutely amazing. They are kind and caring and understanding people. The head admin is one of the nicest people I have ever talked to.
Posted by Yourevilgod
Dice 6
Awesome server, with a great admin team, and people to play with. This place is Great!
Posted by MaraeExile
Dice 6
Pris and team run an awesome server! Much love from Frost :)
Posted by JakeFrost
Dice 6
If you play on this server you probebly wont get beat up for being a furry.
Posted by Eatthatass2245
Dice 6
I really like this server. Everyone is super chill and nice and there is tons to do.
Posted by Ryverthorn
Dice 6
Great server. Admins and owners are the best.
Posted by Krogan
Dice 6
Great server to play on. Has a healthy population of helpful and friendly and the owner/admins have put a lot of thought into some well balanced settings and mods. They're also very prompt to update the server for updates to the game and mods with minimal interruption. All this elevates the game a whole lot. I don't think I would be playing on Siptah at all if not for this server.
Posted by Coneman
Dice 6
First, they took your desire to play. Then, they took your ability to play. Finally, they left you without mods. What will you do exile, when there's nothing left but to join a community or die?

Seriously, funcom sucks but this server makes it worth playing. Get yer arse in here!
Posted by FelixGoldenHeart
Dice 6
Friendly players, helpful admins, very little lag, and floating deer. 6/6 would roll again.
Posted by ZumboPrime
Dice 6
A great server with great people.
Posted by Krogan
Dice 6
I've been looking for a while for a server like this , good community , a lot of things to do , admins take really good care about the server when ever there is a problem , overall its a great server with a lot of things to do and really friendly people
Posted by Ezuko
Dice 6
Is a pretty good server! -thumbs up- Give it a shotyo :3
Posted by Corruptedrose
Dice 6
Server is stable and with lots of interesting customizations
The community is friendly and fun
The admins and staff are always available and helpful

highly recommend
Posted by Fcostam
Dice 6
Nice and friendly environment to have fun playing the game.
Posted by Dinodronzer
Dice 6
This server has big Pippi energy.
Posted by IAmAllMight
Dice 6
This is a very good server. The community is friendly, decent and the admin team is always ready and happy to help you. Definitely recommending!
Posted by RequiemGold
Dice 6
I've played on this server a few months ago and my playtime was wonderful, the community is really awsome, the staff are helpful and always there when something happen and the server was not lagging at all. I had a pretty good experience, so much that i've wanted to go back after a while to start over again. I'm still glad to be part of this community and my playtime is still wonderfull. Seriously the best server for conan modded there is i highly recommend it for either starting players and old players. You'll definetly have a great time on this server.
Posted by Neophobia
Dice 6
Took me no time at all to be completely in love with the community! Great server of people!!
Posted by BIGGIEsnacks
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