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Realm of Freedom (18+) Fresh New 350lvl-AOC

United States
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United States
United States



1: This is an 18+ server, you must be 18+ years old.
2: This is both a Roleplay and a Non-Roleplay server. You can play with or without RP.
3: If there are players roleplaying, and you do not want to be involved, just move away from them. Shaming or being rude is not allowed.
4: No Harassment (No means No). No discrimination of any kind.
5: No Griefing (Example would be blocking a spawn point, or annoying a player with building, or damaging other players stuff)
6: No Political or Religious arguing, you can talk about the topics, but if it turns to an argument it is not allowed.
7: Respect is the most important rule. Be Kind to all players, If you can't, at least be Civil. No stealing of any kind, that mean no stealing kills, to help with a fight ask 1st, no stealing clanmate.
8: Under NO circumstances are you to take matters into your own hand. If a player is breaking the rules, use the report system. Zero-Tolerance.
9: Rudeness to Admins, in any form, will not be tolerated.
10: No exploitation of any kind permitted. You must report it to an admin ASAP, pls.
11: Lost thralls and pets will be reported in #🚫rules-violations on discord with a 24h warning to claim them. After that delay, they will be removed by admins and wont be returned to their owner.
12: You MUST join a clan or create one by level 20 or you will be kicked from server.
13: If you arent sure of something ask in global chat or an admin, no questions are stupid.
14: Have fun, Its mandated.

π“‘π“€π“˜π“›π““π“˜π“π“– 𝓑𝓀𝓛𝓔𝓒

Violations can result a base destruction

1: 1 BASE PER PLAYER. 1 wheel per player (base). Faction or Vanilla (no warning given-will be demolished). Each base may have 10 fish traps, 20 NPCS and Thespians, 10 pets (Mounts included), 2 AOC mines, 1 Thrallwar mine maximum.
2: All altars are allowed. No maproom allowed, please use the community one at /warp market.
3: You MUST place a large wooden sign next to the front entrance of the base with names of people who live in there.
4: Do NOT build on bridge, ruins, POI (Point of interest), ghost event, rare nodes spawn, boss spawns. Do NOT build more than 15 tiles from shore into ice, water and lava. Do NOT block rivers or passage, if you block a passage put stairs where players can pass.
5: Community building such as elevators, bridges in the volcano, public building will be created by admin.
6: Do not build more than 15 tiles tall, for wide limit please use common sense. Build your base proportionnal of the number of people who live in it.
7: For location and validation of a base please ask an admin to do the verifications. Always better to ask 1st.
8: Do NOT use ''solid foundations'' an example is next to the starting area. Use pillars and fences foundations. Admins can show you how to built. Building with the ''solid foundations'' will be poofed with no warning.

π“Ÿπ“₯π“Ÿ 𝓑𝓀𝓛𝓔𝓒

There will be places where PVP i
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