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Dice 6
Greeting Fellow Exiles

Today I want to tell you about Paradise Falls and Isle of the Damned. What are those you ask? Well, they are the best damn Conan Exiles servers on this round object that circles the yellow ball. Maybe even as far away as Keppler 22b.

What makes them so special you ask? The Owner, the staff, the community and the Mods. I could sit here for days and expound on their attributes and qualities but the best way to experience the Lore, the danger, the thrill of a Surge or the excitement of an Ascension, is to experience it yourself firsthand. Maybe don't click on that bland Conan server tonight, instead click on Paradise Falls or Isle of the Damned. Join a community filled with colorful characters, friendly staff and a large selections of Mods to cover everyone's individual tastes or fetishes.

So join us today. Right now even. Pack up your office, put the kids down for a nap, tell your spouse you have a headache and log into Conan Exiles and come visit us!!
Posted by Grudge
Dice 6
I've been on this server for quite a while now and love everyone here. The Admin are great and there is not a time you don't see players posting in /general about helping newbies out or anyone in general if someone asks for help. I love the people and the server...period. Thank you Paradise Falls for being such a fantastic community!! <3
Posted by Ravyn
Dice 6
I have been on this server for about a month and it is by far the best Conan server I have played on! From the active community and admins to the glorious admin community area builds there is not another server that can beat it. There is a casino, arena, player and admin marketplace. comedy club and more! They also have all the best mods!
Posted by AwhnConan
Dice 6
I have been on this server since May, community within are hands down extremely friendly. The more people join the server, I feel an obligation to make sure they have the best experience to continue to play, make new friends, and pay it forward to newcomers. I enjoy logging on and being instantly greeted. I feel more at home with the people in it, and engaging with everyone's needs. My hats off to the admins of the server, it is not an easy task. It is like a 2nd job to them who dedicate their time to help everyone. They are the pinnacle that keeps the server going and a smooth experience. There is no favoritism, no one gets special treatment, everyone gets treated the same. The only impact that makes you stand out, is if you are active yourself, engage in others needs, and being an extension to the admins to alleviate the pressure from their busy schedule. I am extremely picky when it comes to servers, this one attracted me the most, and I am still here. LOVE IT! -Siouxicide
Posted by Siouxicide1205
Dice 6
I would like to start off with I had issues connecting to the server. I joined their discord and asked away. Multiple people reached out to me to try to help instantly. Admin Dy and Admin Neo both helped me get connected. Secondly I would like to mention that I have never experienced such a welcoming community on an online game. I log in and instantly welcomed with greetings from multiple people. I haven't played Conan in a long while. So I was feeling really out dated in my knowledge. I instantly start popping off questions about things I didn't understand. And to no fault the community answered them for me. I didn't get that oh hes annoying with all his questions he should know the answer to feel, you know?. There is 100 things I could mention about this server that are positive but I do not have enough room to do so. I haven't found a negative yet. Never a dull moment while I'm playing this server. The last thing I will say is. I have finally found a "Home" with Paradise Falls.
Posted by Awilson613
Dice 6
I first came to this server I think in January 2019. I have dabbled in many servers but always keep coming back here. The owners and admins really care and treat everyone well. Everyone is always friendly and very helpful even with the most advanced mods and topics. There is never any pressure to RP or do any PVP. The server is also remarkably stable considering the heavy volume of users and mods. I will always come home to this server.
Posted by Barbskurka
Dice 6
Well, I came back from sick leave. only to see this game server being better then it was before if that is at all possible. The Market to buy and sell looks awesome. the Arena looks great. Rules are very easy to read and understand. I believe the harvesting is set just perfect. And my first day back I was given help right off the bat. The community is still helpful as always. if you want a relaxed gaming experience then I suggest you check out Paradise Falls and the Discord for a lot of Content.
Posted by EvilHades
Dice 6
OMG this server is awesome! Everyone totally want to help and is always answering questions! I love this server! The admins are all very active and the non-admins are amazing. Super friendly! They've got an arena where I can get killed by some of the biggest bosses in the game (cause I suck) and a lovely theater. Oh! They've got this huge area set up where you can actually go and SEE the different armors so you don't have to waste points on the ugly crap! Lady E knocked it the hell outta the park with this one I am SO glad I found it! 6 of 6? Y'all need to invest in some d20's or something. This server need a better rating!
Posted by Shavarhovani
Dice 6
I'm Scro, AKA Lil Wiz. I'm a thigh high wizard that beebops around on the server castings all kinds of cool magic.
Been on a ton of servers. I have over 1000 hours of play time in Conan, embarrassingly. But this server probably has more content than any server I've been on. There's SO MUCH to do here.

Community is pretty good, and the server runs well.
Posted by Chriswfoster
Dice 6
I am Raqharr. This server has high level of activity. The lore settings are excellent. So is the discord community and the dedication of Admin. I look forward to becoming rich and powerful in these lands.
Posted by Raqharr
Dice 6
Hi, most people know me as Snoweyes. I have a long history with Conan Exiles (2300 hours) where i played on many servers but never found a home. Paradise Falls attracted me initially because of the number of cool mods that they ran. I came from over a dozen servers that eventually failed. When i came to Paradise Falls, I was surprised! The players, the admin staff, and the owner were friendly and silly! They were helpful, available, had an established Discord server and they were present. PRESENT! Logged in every day and helpful! One of the admins eventually became disgruntled and left, attempting to poach players from Paradise Falls. I didn't believe it initially, but many players sent their interactions with her to the owner of Paradise Falls and I couldn't believe what i was reading. Trying to poach players from another server is ridiculous. As a result of those interactions, I am fully committed to Paradise Falls.
Posted by Leadedcoffee
Dice 6
I've been playing on this server for the past 2+ years and it's the only server I play on. There's a reason for that, the community is awesome and so is the owner Lady E and the admins. If you need a hand everyone is there to help you. There is so much content to do with the mods on this server it is unreal. This is hands down the best server and will be the only server I play on. Thank you Lady E and admins for making my Conan Exiles experience so amazing.
Posted by Dijin
Dice 6
Absolutely AMAZING server!!! I come from hardcore PVP servers, and thought it was time to settle down. This server was the one that stood out. At first, I saw how many mods it had. I was like “wow” 36 mods?! Can I handle all this content? I decided to wing it and give it a go. So, yes, I had a rough time loading into the server. Took me 40 min to attempt to load in...HOWEVER! I decided to reach out to the discord community, a test of resolve to see how responsive it was. It was IMMEDIATE! The admins and other players were extremely eager to have me be able to join. They selflessly dedicated literal HOURS to help me get into the server. My PC is 5 years old, able to handle any game, YET, the community gave me so much advice, were extremely patient with me, and finally was able to get in instantly. YOU NEED TO HAVE PATIENCE! They WILL help you if you help yourself. There is nothing negative about this community at all other than the ones that complain. OUTSTANDING JOB on this server!
Posted by Siouxicide
Dice 6
Why would you leave a review on a server you're not even on?
What you have said describes everything our server is against.
We do NOT tolerate favortism, bending rules or clicks within our admin team.
In fact we just fired an admin named 'Priscilla" a couple months ago for breaking our very strict admins rules,
showing favortism and rigging contest etc...
Admins are treated with the same standards as our players.
They are not allowed to show favortism in anyway, give out free items or get involved in player contest.
They are instantly demoted if found to have done so.
We always encourage anyone who joins our community to contact myself or Lady E if they every have a concern regarding a staff member or another player.
As far as you stating "serious builders might want to look elswhere" why would you say that? We have a ton of incredible builders on our server. We are very liberal with our building rules, the rules we do have are to ensure there is ample room for all to e
Posted by Dy
Dice 3
Your mileage may vary. The server itself is great - lots of friendly/helpful players to interact with, constant mod and feature additions, good rules to keep lag down, periodic build contests and so on. That said, your play style and how you connect with the community will dictate your experience here.

The server is very cliquey and if you're not part of the 'in' crowd you are treated differently. If you're in, you're good - the admins will be responsive and follow through with requests for help, they'll even bend the rules for you. If you're not, you'll be mildly neglected at best - don't expect any favors, or any real help for that matter.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great server and I fell in love with it very quickly. This server is really more for players who want to engage the community more than play the game, serious builders might want to look elsewhere.
Posted by Suprasabre
Dice 6
I've played several servers and this one is by far the best in my experience, you have lots of things to do, craft and kill. The community in here is so lovely and helpful! And the Admins are the best, they will always help and assist in everything you need. I recommend this server 100% <3
Posted by Tinchisx
Dice 6
I have owned Conan Exiles since it was initially released, but my wife and I only recently started playing this game seriously together. She likes the building, I like the adventuring. We started exploring different servers recently and I stumbled upon Paradise Falls. One thing that caught my attention was the level of detail that has been built into the server; it's was absolutely gorgeous. On top of that, finding a server that is open to "Noobs" and willing to help whether its defeating a hard boss, or answering a question for a new player that the community has probably answered countless times before, is incredibly welcoming. It makes me genuinely look forward to the adventures to come!
Posted by Maedge
Dice 6
When it comes to a great Conan Exiles server i look for several things like community,stability,content and Admin/mod team. Paradise Falls has all of those things x1000. Great stability even with all the mods, a community that is extremely friendly and willing to help at any moment. The one thing that separates it from all other servers is the owner Lady E and her Admin/mod team. I have been a moderator on numerous servers and numerous games and i have never seen a admin/mod team like the one on Paradise Falls. They are on constantly, extremely friendly and beyond dedicated to the health of the server and the people that play on it. There is a reason why i am still on the same server for over a year and it's because of the Admins and the community. So are you looking for a fun server to relax, have fun, have a active discord with people in chat/voice and a place to call home?...Welp you found it here at Paradise Falls.
Posted by Valcrez
Dice 6
When, in the future, I am old and gray, sitting outside on my porch in a rocking chair, next to my beloved life partner, surrounded by my grandchildren, adopted or born, I will likely think back, in the twilight of my life, to the time I spent on this server when thinking of Conan Exiles. The first server I ever joined and thank god I stayed. there is no better place on Conan exiles, no other place I'd want to be, So stay awhile, meet the kind folks that inhabit this server, the lovely admins that keep it running like a well-oiled machine, And the ever so kind, and extremely kinky owner, Lady Erotica.
Posted by Goblin240762
Dice 6
I have played many servers. This is the only one I felt like I was coming home. Paradise Falls welcomed me like a long lost friend. The admins are quick to assist when called on. The other players are knowledgeable about the mods and very quick to offer advice or even save my bacon when I inevitably get in over my head. I'll be playing in Paradise until they roll up the sever. Thanks Lady E! You kicked ass on this one!
Posted by Landlubber
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