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ParadiseFalls (PVE-C)(18+)

Server location
United States
United States


General Rules:
1. You MUST be 18 or older. (sexual content and simulations apply to this server)
2. No advertising other Conan servers.
3. No discriminating of ANY kind. If you are responsible for a player leaving due to this, you will be banned.
4. You MUST join our discord at (Make sure to add your player name in discord so we know who you are)
5. You MUST join a clan or create one by level 20, or you will be kicked from server!
6. No disrespecting our Admin (7 day ban first offense-perma ban second offense)
7. Do not steal from clan-mates (7 day ban first offense-perma ban second offense)
8. Do not have out more than 10 traps (No warning given-anything more will be demolished)
9. Do not have out more than 15 npcs/pets combined.Mounts count as a pet (Anything more will be destroyed)
10. Only Mini Map rooms are allowed from the SVS mod (We prefer you use the Community Map Room)
11. No bedrolls in faction areas or dungeons.
12. 2 Legendary mines per base max.
13. If your market merchant stays empty or not filled up for 3 days it will be removed.

Building Rules:
1. 1 BASE PER PLAYER. 1 wheel of pain per player base.
2. Do not build more than 16 tiles tall.(Roofing and foundations are included in this limit)
3. 600 total footprint (land claimed) for bases. This includes all placeables.
4. Only hollow foundations are allowed (ones you can see through) we prefer you use pillars or fence foundations instead as these cause much less load lagg.
5. Do not stack foundations more than two tiles high. (Any exception must be approved by admin)
6. Do not build blocking any Boss, or Rare Nodes Spawns. (If unsure, ask an admin)
7. Do not block waterfalls. You can build around them but don't block view from world.
8. Do not build on Bridges, Ruins, POI's Ghost events, Rare node spawns, Boss spawns, AoC factions, Camps
9. No server building. Your base should be your only build, meaning do not build bridges, elevators out in the world.
10. No building in the actual volcano.
11. Do NOT stack building materials. Less building mod makes this easy to do so be very careful as this causes server crashes.
12. You must have a sign posted at your main entrance with your player name (not clan)

If any of the above rules are broken there will be NO warning given. Item will be demolished.
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