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Dice 6
Its a fun place to play and talk to others. Ive seen a ton of people from all over the world playing here, the deathmatch server is a blast to hang out on.
Posted by Gabriel31
Dice 6
Great server! Highly recommend! Friendly players and super helpful admins and staff. They listen to player feedback and host some really fun events on the server. Joined the discord and met more friendly people.
Posted by RedRose
Dice 6
This server is really great. There is almost no toxicity, lag or rule breaking, the people n there are really nice and ply the game fairly. I'm sure the server will run into some problems when it grows but I think that they will be very easy to overcome.
Posted by SexyRexy
Dice 6
I started out on one of the other top servers, not going to mention names... But the staff who were initially helpful were replaced by staff who don't seem to care about their members, they aren't very helpful nor are they very kind and courteous. Yes it was fun at first and I met some good players on there, but it eventually became filled with people who are hostile and took the fun out of the game. Even though this server is small and growing, its been more fun. People are friendly and helpful. They really look out for one another which is what I wanted in a gaming community. 6/6 :D
Posted by ShadowHunter
Dice 6
Having known and experienced this server I can say it is very good! :D, the Owner and Admins are very friendly and quick to respond, making the entire Dino experience overall lovely. Not only that, but they also host fun and challenging events, keeping the fun alive and truly putting the community into Isle, absolutely recommend!
Posted by Blue
Dice 6
I may be a bit biased saying this since I help out as an admin, but this is a fun and growing server and community. Watching players join in game to experience a friendly and welcoming environment is a huge plus; but seeing these same individuals join the discord and still provide that same atmosphere is wonderful! People are helpful and encouraging, its a community meant for people to have fun and enjoy the communication with everyone around. Administrators are kind and will do whatever they can to assist those who need help. It is a community that wants those who are new players to become regulars!
Posted by Aleylu
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