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Empire Gaming CORE PvP [FRESH WIPE/5H7XP]

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom


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Average of 6
Average review score
Based on 20 recent reviews
Dice 6
Best server ever, admins are helpful also good talking partners,awesome community.
Fast pvp, fast farm what do you need more? ^^
Market, casino, a lot of fun event.
Posted by Sasvagyok
Dice 6
Plaing for a while now in empire (over 3 months) and i have to say that server is stable and the admins are helpfull and fair to players.
Posted by Gorgee
Dice 6
Very new to Conan and this server is very nice to join for learning, markers for the obelisks, Admins online all the time, love the raid times means i can have a life without worrying about my base

all in all a really great server
Posted by Theonetruemoo
Dice 6
High pop server, online admins, fun to play.
Posted by Noope
Dice 6
I am really enjoying this server! Its the best one i have played on as i have tried many many servers ending in horrible experiences. Empire Gaming servers are truly amazing and are extremely fun to play on as there are awesome events and quests. The admins work extremely hard to keep the server running smoothly and players in order:) allowing for everyone to finally have a fun pvp experience!!
Posted by Penny
Dice 6
Highly recommend Empire Gaming. Admins are very active and take action on toxic players. The rules are very fair and make the gameplay a lot more enjoyable. Will be staying on this server for a long time. Good job Empire Gaming team.
Posted by Jtpay13
Dice 6
We have tried many servers and this one is by far the best, the admins are on the ball with everything from events to responding to requests and keeping the peace.

11/10 would play again
Posted by Wieswerner
Dice 6
I have been playing Conan Exiles for about three weeks now and all the servers I have been on haven't been nearly as good as Empire Gaming. The admins are quick to respond and always seem to be online. This has been the first none toxic server I have been on - Admins are quick to shut down any bad behavior which makes for a very pleasant server. There are also great events and prizes which help a lot. Really impressed! Well done Admins
Posted by AllanG
Dice 6
The first server i found that has no lags and has active admins.
Can easily recommend.
Posted by Imrin
Dice 6
Very active playerbase and great admins. Can recommend.
Posted by Eager
Dice 6
Real good Server, Admins are good, love that Server . THX

Posted by Piri
Dice 6
Great server! Lots of PvP all around, Nice player population all around. Well presented admin economy and market. Lots of daily automated events for players. I've played on many servers including RP servers but I have not seen a Marriage System anywhere in CE but this server has a proper working marriage system with benefits to PvP. I didn't participate in the new Team Death Match Event held every Wednesday but I did see my brother play it on his account and it looked spectacular! Who would have thought that Conan Exiles could have had a Team match such as this possible. Admins are really amazing and they put a lot of love and effort into the server and community. I am looking forward to returning this wipe if my work let's me! Keep up the good work.
Posted by StuartHeading
Dice 6
This is the second time i play on this server and from my experience with the admins they put
alot of work on it like nice events such as Team Deathmatch every Wednesday aswell lots of quest are beeing offered.Such servers are rare these days.
Posted by Datasette
Dice 6
Good Quality gameplay on a server with no lag and infrequent crashes. Mods are awesome. For me the only server!
Posted by CJ99
Dice 6
Coming from official server network this is a welcome change. I dont want to miss the mods anymore and its running smooth. Got a solid >30ms ping from germany and its well populated but not capped.
Posted by Metapheus
Dice 6
Empire, simply put, is just plain awesome. Good Quality gameplay on a server with no lag and infrequent crashes. The admins are attentive, caring and fair. The owners are completely involved and have brought a set of mods that brings varied and interesting gameplay alongside full on pvp and raiding. With its longer than average wipes and various quests, this is the perfect sever to play Conan to its fullest.
Posted by Morda
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