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-=[U.S.P]=- 7D2D ~ PVE ~ Awesome ~ Server!

United States
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United States
United States


Welcome To The -=[U.S.P]=- 7D2D ~ PVE ~ Awesome ~ Server!

Courtesy And Game Play:

1. Racism of any kind will not be tolerated. (Everyone is welcome on our server). Do not use any offensive name for your character. Treat all players with Respect.

2. Do Not disrupt game play by Hacking, Arguing, Complaining, Trolling or in general “Annoying other players”. Bad, Rude, Toxic or Malicious attitudes will not be tolerated!

3. Do Not discuss Religion or Politics. This only leads to conflict.

Simple Server Rules:

1. This is a “PVE” Server Not a “PVP” Server.

2. If creating your own stand alone build, Do Not build right next to another player! You can build close to other players just make sure your build is far out of their sight and view.

Note: Most Players Build Because The Like The View Around Them. Hills, Trees, Plants etc… Respect Their Space By NOT Digging Or Mining All These Items Off Their Land Or View. It’s A Big Map, There Are Plenty Of Areas To Build.

3. When looting take all items found! Trash or trade items you don’t need so new loot can regenerate.

4. Please Do Not Destroy Cars/Vehicles That Spawn Loot/Items. Only Destroy/Scrap Cars That Do Not Spawn Loot/Items.

5. When Mining And Digging Holes, Please Use Something To Put Around The Top Surface Rim To Keep Players From Falling In Or Worst Yet, Falling In With A Vehicle.

6. Do Not Place Key Stones In Any POI Locations. Only Place Them At Your Base Or Home. Violating This Rule Will Grant You A Ban.

7. Respect EVERYONE And Be Neighborly. We Are All Here To Build, Survive And To Have Fun!

We are located at IP address: ~

Visit our website for "Map Image", Server Rules and other server information at: ~

Our “7 Days To Die” Discord channel is located at: ~

So come join us for some Adventure and Fun!


-={U.S.P}=- Doctros...
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