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General Rules for our survival server - Only the first 6 rules apply to the sandbox server.
- English is the primary language for Global Chat.

- Please have [matching steam and discord names] so we may better assist you, if not [we will take it upon ourselves to rename you to your IGN].

- [No] homophobic or racial slurs. No insulting players you are hunting or talking smack after a hunt has been completed.

- [No] Inappropriate Names - You will be asked to change your name, [if you do not comply you will be removed from the server and our discord].

- [No] Spamming or sending unwanted nest invites as well as [No] accepting egg invites while being hunted.

- [No] Obsessive spam calling! Several infractions will lead to your Dino being slain.

- [No] log-in killing. If you see a player log in you must wait until their head starts moving and then initiate combat with a 3-call if you’re going to attack.

- [No] KOSing players, you can hunt if you or your pack are hungry (below 75 hunger), otherwise you and your pack [cannot] kill for sport.

- [No] Intentionally attacking your group members. Once you leave a group, or once someone leaves your group, They have 5 minutes to leave before you can hunt or attack.

- [No] Hiding in rocks, cliffs, or walls that clearly should be solid or you will be kicked. Several infractions will be a [Ban] from the server.

- You must [follow the pack limits] of adults in your group, if you exceed the amount you can be grouped together but [Can Not] travel, nest or hunt together.

- [No] Spawn killing at the beach! Juvies are safe on the beach if they are in the sand..Juvies [CAN] kill other juvies on the beach.

- [No] Killing hatchlings in a nest, you must wait for them to become juvis before they are fair game - Non-survival [do not] have a juvie stage so they are considered [hatchlings].

-[No] Combat logging to stay safe from being hunted or while bleeding, however, you cannot hold a player or group in combat to intentionally grief them! [If no combat takes place within 5 minutes then the engagement is over]. Combat is considered actively hunting them (examples of combat are attacking/biting).

-Your 3 or 4 calls [only have meaning] when [contesting or forfeiting bodies].

-You [May Not] 2 call to fake being friendly! If anyone in your pack 2 calls, the rest of your pack is [NOT] allowed to attack. [This 2 call lasts the encounter, only when one group has left the area and returned is the 2 call no longer in effect, this also applies to stating you are friendly to said group in Global]. If evidence is shown to staff that you dropped group intentionally to attack someone so you do not have to follow the 2 call rule, this will result in a slay of your dino. If the issue continues then you will be kicked from the server.

We have a body down rule! Once a body drops the fighting stops! Please visit our discord for more rule information!
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